Request Funding

Do you have an idea for a project that benefits Eagle Rock? The ERNC can help make it happen!

One of the ERNC’s roles is to support projects that benefit the community and enhance the neighborhood for ALL Eagle Rock residents. We provide funding for these projects in either of two ways: Neighborhood Purpose Grants, where we grant funds to a nonprofit or public school for a project that they will complete on their own, or Community Improvement Projects, where the ERNC pays for items directly and usually plays a partnership role with an individual, group, or institution (you don’t have to be a nonprofit/school).

Application guidelines:

No matter which option you choose, in order for the ERNC to vote on and fund your project, you must work with an ERNC board member to present the project at an ERNC board meeting, and we must receive complete and accurate documentation for your NPG application or CIP proposal.

To receive funding for your project:

  • You can be a nonprofit, school, civic group, business or individual. We don’t care, as long as the project benefits as many Eagle Rockers as possible.
  • You must work with an ERNC board member to present your project. Check out the pages on this site to see who your Subdistrict or Community Interest director is. If you can’t find the right match — or if they don’t get back to you (it happens) — then please send us an email at, and we’ll assign someone to you.
  • If you are a nonprofit, we may ask to see your financial statements to make sure you are legitimate. This includes tax documents.
  • Your request will be discussed at an Executive Committee meeting, where it will either be scheduled for a vote at the next ERNC board meeting, or sent back to you and your ERNC board member sponsor for more work or documentation.
  • You will be required to appear at the ERNC meeting where your request will be voted on and possibly funded.

What kinds of things can be funded with our funds? Here are some things the ERNC has paid for recently:

  • The “old-school” Eagle Rock street banners you see on light poles up and down Colorado and Eagle Rock Boulevards.
  • All the new plastic Eagle Rock trash cans you see on our streets.
  • The recent “Animal Fest” animal adoption event held at Eagle Rock City Hall.
  • New succulent plantings on the medians on Eagle Rock Boulevard.
  • All the new trees you see on Eagle Rock’s commercial streets.
  • Public meetings and events at Eagle Rock City Hall and the Center for the Arts.
  • And more!

What other kinds of things can we fund, but haven’t had a good application come in for yet?

  • Murals on public property (libraries, rec centers, etc.)
  • Wayfinding signage on our streets.
  • Bike and pedestrian events and improvements that can’t/won’t be paid for by city agencies.
  • Landscaping and care of public property (medians, sidewalks, trees) that can’t/won’t be paid for by city agencies.
  • Events that involve as much as the community as possible: What does this mean? If you are a school, church, business, or other group, it either brings the larger community to you, or takes your members out into the larger community, to foster a friendlier, more inclusive community here in Eagle Rock.

Questions? For financial questions, please contact ERNC Treasurer Bridget Byrnes Hirsch (, who will be happy to answer them. Or you can send general questions to us at, and we’ll be happy to point you in the right direction.

We look forward to working with you toward a better Eagle Rock!