Meet the ERNC


Welcome to the Eagle Rock Neighborhood Council.

Welcome to your Eagle Rock Neighborhood Council!  We are a group of dedicated volunteers who are elected by our local community and committed to serving you.

The ERNC was established to connect local stakeholders to City Hall.  We are an advisory group that advocates on a wide range of policy issues affecting Eagle Rockers daily such as land use, housing, homelessness, public safety, sustainability, transportation and business development.  We listen to the requests and concerns from our neighbors and work closely with local elected officials, their staff and City department officials to enhance the quality of life in Eagle Rock.

One of the ways we engage and partner with local stakeholders is by awarding grant funding to local non-profit organizations and schools.  These grants, funded by City of Los Angeles taxpayers, are used for several different projects and initiatives that will ultimately benefit the public.

Our current ERNC Board is comprised of a diverse group of community members reflective of the neighborhood.  We are small business owners, parents, students, renters, homeowners, and animal lovers who share the desire to get involved and help make Eagle Rock an awesome place to live, work and play.  We are dedicated to doing more outreach and seek out more neighbors who have a passion for building community.

We invite you to join us at our monthly Board meetings, get active on one of our Committees and help us keep Eagle Rock a thriving neighborhood!

The ERNC meets on the first Tuesday of the month at 7pm at Eagle Rock City Hall, 2035 Colorado Boulevard (please check the calendar section of this website).  Please contact us at, or get in touch with any board member, if you are interested in participating.  You can also always reach me directly by email at or phone (562) 746-5880.

We look forward to hearing your concerns and ideas at our upcoming meetings and community events!

-Jesse Saucedo, ERNC President


The 2019-2021 ERNC Board

All of the ERNC Board members below will serve into 2021. Because the ERNC is an all-volunteer organization, there will be times when a member does not answer an email or phone call in a timely fashion (or at all). If you have general questions about the ERNC, or cannot reach an ERNC director, send an email to and one of our board members will get back to you within 24 hours.

Subdistrict 1 Director

Becky Newman

Immediate Past President & Secretary

Lisa Karahalios

Subdistrict 1 Director

Lindsay Kiesling

At Large Director 

Victor Sanchez

Subdistrict 2 Director

Michael Sweeney

Social Justice Director

Michelle Rojas-Soto

Subdistrict 2 Director & President

Jesse Saucedo

Business Director & Secretary

Brad Keyes

Subdistrict 3 & Communications Director

Andrew Jacobs

Education Director

Wade Harpootlian

Subdistrict 3 Director

John Acevedo

Boulevards Director

Marcel Wittfield

Subdistrict 4 Director & Vice President

Richard Loew

Public Safety Director & Treasurer

Sylvia Denlinger

Subdistrict 4 Director

James Panozzo

Elder Director

Margaret Irwin

Youth Director

Alessandra Mendez

Sustainability Director

Laura Gonzalez

Arts Director

Doreen Sanchez