The ERNC most recently had elections in April of 2019. The next elections are scheduled to be held this coming April, 2021.


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Seat Descriptions, from the ERNC Bylaws:

  1. Arts Director: Communicates with and represents Eagle Rock’s vibrant arts community, including public art, architecture, music, theater and fine arts. Liaison to the Center for the Arts and Eagle Rock’s commercial galleries. Seeks opportunities to include art of all kinds in Eagle Rock’s built environment and public life.
  2. Boulevards Director: Has a special focus on improving the beauty, safety, utility, and prosperity of Eagle Rock’s main thoroughfares, for residents, businesses and all road users — on foot, on bicycles, and in cars. Seeks partnerships with local and governmental organizations dedicated to the same goals.
  3. Sustainability Director: The Sustainability Director works with the community to create an Eagle Rock with a high standard of living today, without compromising the needs of the future. S/he will work in coordination with local civic organizations and the Neighborhood Council Sustainability Alliance to plan for an environmentally, socially and economically prosperous Los Angeles.
  4. Business Director: Is the voice of Eagle Rock’s vibrant business community to the Board. Responsible for communicating with business owners and representing business views and needs to the ERNC. Should attend Chamber of Commerce and other business-related meetings and functions; keep up-to-date about business openings and closings; be aware of business needs in the community and develop ideas for addressing those needs.
  5. Education, Elder, Social Justice and Public Safety Directors: Are responsible for maintaining communication between Stakeholders and the ERNC so Stakeholders with interests related to their specialties are represented. They are expected to hold periodic meetings related to their specialties, initiate and participate in activities, and keep the ERNC Board informed about views and needs related to the groups they represent.
  6. Youth Director: A Director may be elected to serve as a youth representative or as a nominated representative of a youth organization. The representative will be at least sixteen (16) years of age. In the alternative, a Special Youth Council may be formed in order to represent the special needs of those under the age of sixteen (16). This Special Youth Council can elect its representative for this position.
  7. Sub District Directors: Eight (8) Directors will be elected to represent the four (4) Sub Districts of the ERNC. Two (2) Directors will represent each Sub-District. These Directors must be Stakeholders in their Sub District, and . shall be voted on only by Stakeholders within their Sub Districts. Directors in this capacity are allowed to appoint Stand-In Participants for at-large Board meetings only. However, the Stand-In Participant will be unable to vote as a Director of the Board. As liaisons between Stakeholders in their Sub Districts and the ERNC Board, Directors are responsible for contacting Stakeholders; holding periodic Stakeholder meetings; proposing and implementing projects in their Sub Districts based on community input; responding to Stakeholder concerns; and obtaining feedback from Stakeholders on items the Board is considering.
  8. At-Large Director: One (1) shall be elected to represent the interests of all Stakeholders in Eagle Rock.


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One Last Note: If you choose not to run for election or are not elected – that doesn’t mean you can’t join the board! Pay attention to our newsletters and announcements as we normally have multiple board vacancies throughout the year.